Thursday, 28 July 2011


There is nothing more worse than being jobless  graduate -  I have nothing to do  and am sooooooooooooooo bored !  I need a hobby - any help ?   anything - knitting , drawing - things that don't require me to pay lool !

BORED zzzzzz ! 

On a happier note - Its ramadan next week - So happy days !


  1. write a book!!! I'm planning on writing a new one called 'This restless soul' and it'll be all about the struggles of faith and eemaan. Miss you amel dude. lets do ifter together one day for sure. xx

  2. Same her .I can relate my self with your post .
    God help me. All I feel is that I am wasting my time :(.

  3. @sy -Love to do iftar together inshallah - it would be so cool ! miss u too dude ! - a book ? u no i am no good with words like u - sounds like ur making the story of life there ! loool

    @izdiher Yep and i used to wish for days such as these but now i just hate it - feel so useless !