Friday, 8 July 2011


GHOST  is pretty much going to explain my disapperance  from this blog -  people, people don't worry- nothing bad happened to me. It was just  Uni life that taking over my life, so I seemed to have let this  blog  go on the shelf for a bit.  But GREAT NEWS PEOPLE ! - I myself am a graduate ! ALLAHUMDUILAH ! Believe me when I say- this was all  the doing of  God - GOD All Mighty  - always been there for me when I felt i was going give up. Ya rabb !   As the world of  education is finished - hopefully - Now its to find the path in this world - Dunya ! But why be afraid if Allah is by my side ! Happy and contempt - What more to ask for  ?  : )!

Now What  I am to do  ? Be FireFighter , Superhero  loool - See the world !  Nothing is impossible unless Allah wills it  !

University has been a Journey but one that  I will forever cherish ! I met amazing People, All unique in their own way !   I am grateful for those who opened up to me and Let me in their life, those understanding and patient -  Accepting me for being me ! - Never let those bad things stop me from loving and living life ! Allahumduilah !

I want to end this Post by mentioning All  the good hearted people whom helped me throughout my Life

Uni  Peeps - Love you for the Openness and Friendliness !

Computing girls - Love you girls for being  so Understanding and patient of my  commitments and problems . - enduring every bit when I had  my "Me" moments - Never forget you guys !

Goldie Isoc -  May Allah bless your  Soul  for all the things you did for me - Even if its little - Its enough to support me ! - You are all some funny sisters - I love you for the Sake of Allah -  Hope Inshallah You succeed in this life and the next. Ameen !

High School Friends - All the times on which  you Helped me - All the  random situations that  I got up to when Growing up - and helping me and Loving me for Whom  I am ! Love  you guys

 Family -  My Number  1  support -  Looking out for me and  always putting some sense onto me !

Parents - Your are the strongest people  I ever met - No words can describe my Love for  You - May Allah put you in the Highest jannah -   Ya Allah Forgive me for all the bad things I did to them - and  may your mercy and blessing be on them ! Ameen !

Ayeyo ( Grandma)-   I love  you so Much - Ya rabb - Forgive her  for her sins - Love  your Kind eyes and  Funny Jokes !  May Allah bless your Soul in this life and the next ! Ameen ! 

And All  the rest of the  Important People  I have met in My life - Love  you All !

Finally Allah -  The Most High, The Most  merciful and Most beneficial ! -  Ya RABB - My life support - May I die in  Sirat al-Mustaqim !

Ya Allah - May the next Years be full of Happiness and No regret ! - Being ones that benefit this Life and the Next !


  1. Beautiful post Amel, am blessed to have met you sis. Gonna miss isoc! ;-)

  2. i am blessed to have met u too :) ! thats what i will miss most in Uni - the isoc ! the place i used to go to think and remind myself of my main goal of this dunya ! Allahumduilah !

  3. i know what you mean, lets meet soon for sure. can't wait for ramadan!