Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Better Life !

 I seen alot  times  that when people want a better life -   things that are important in  life are compromised !

 I mean I don't want to use this post - to preach to people  how improve their lives -  I simply just want to highlight  a major problem in this day and age.

 In the world of politics, - we see loads of politican saying again and again - " this is for the good of the people " or  " The people 's  best  interest is at heart"  -  when trying to monopolize on anything

 I guess at first - the motivation  of wanting a better life is guenine  but then its seems to always change to status.

Better life  seems to change to   -   better than everyone else.

Maybe its coz as human its within us to expect more and more.

LOL I bet   yor thinking - where did this all come from ? Well it was because  I was just  watching   alot of documentaries about people with mental illiness and how they neglected from society and goverments.

I mean  - the countries  that these poor souls are in - are not even  deprived but actually one of those very much developed countries.  So the basic treatments or health care  for these indivduals should be available - . Then  why are  such people not given this right -  I think its because -    the goverment  thinks such people are not the priority  and continues to ignore their plight all in the name of a " Better life " for the rest of the society.

Anyways - thats my lil rant or view -  would like your views on what it means to get a better life and is it worth compromising things for it ?

Also a sad day for me  today - Just found out that South and North sudan are offically  separated - sad sad day !

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