Saturday, 23 October 2010


LOL , its  been so long when i say long  i mean like nearly 3 months.  But not to worri i will make it up  this post worthwhile. 

So you must be thinking " where the heck have you been ?"  well  my friends , i been places and loads of them.
Okay , so you can tell that i  last wrote a post in like  early august.  Yep, well  during that  time period   my mum  was passing  through my room as she usual does and came to a conclusion.  Okay it went like this. It was a Sunday morning and  everyone in their right mind know that Sunday is just another word for lazy.

Thats what i was pretty much doing, just chilaxing in the bed and sleeping.  My mum comes and when it comes to waking people up - she  does to an extent . This is  like throwing the cover off me and telling me to get off my  butt - but fair enough coz she is  sick of the state of me. So i reluctantly say  yes  and fall back asleep .  After like 2 hrs later, i am eating breakfast  and mum says something that nearly makes me choke my food.

Mum:  " i am sick and tried of you not doing anything - you have no job, no money and  you just sit there in your computer"

Me :" ......."

 Mum: "  you are going  holiday with me for a month "

Me: "  cool ... where abouts?"

Mum: " back home "

Me:  " cough .... what  .. why ... what did i do?  "

Mum : " its not a freaking punishment  .. you are  off to see your family "

 So next thing you  know  i am  at the back the plane flying towards  dubai . I mean  i love my country as in back home but i can't take the hassle of travelling, stress  and the luggages.  It all too much for me especially for a girl  whom can only  be bothered to just copy and paste words  from google instead of spelling it.

 When  We were at the  heathrow airport,  we were at the gate and waiting for it to open. Whilst this was happening , my sis came to me and ask me to come with her to the toilet .  Of course  i refused  - very  word was " stuff you - go yourself " But my mum's glare told me otherwise and off i was .  When we got there , we saw some bunch of arab women - i think from kuwait .  Well  my sis thought of  greeting them as their muslims   and she says " Assalamu alaykum "

I swear the look in their eyes  seemed like we were some sort of alien  that just learnt to communicate in english . Pure shock in their faces -  i had to laugh  partly coz of their reaction and my sis 's slight embrassment.  I wondered why it seem like a shocking thing  that we said salams  but i guess it was coz it may not be a custom there. But I guess when you  are not in a muslim country , you feel automatically a close link  to a muslim when you see them and want to talk to them or even hug them - coz of that sisterhood.

But  i guess it must be a different matter there.

( said " i guess too many time " Lol)

 It was booked at the 8th august and i am off  to the other side of the world.   Well there was a bright side to it . - there were free movies  but  nearly  10 hrs of uncomfortable sleep -  I really hate airlines. 

 Mum  was already asleep , my sister  whom also came along and my lil bro was watching some  movies. But i  was trying so hard to not sick out  everything coz  of the smell of the food.  This would involve me  actually  breathing in and out inside the sick bag.  There were odd people looking at me but frankly i did not give a stuffing coz i was suffering as it is . 

 The dubai trip was from the transit which was in muscat and that was a different matter itself . Oh the hospitality of people - the joy !

 I am going to continue my story from the next post but its a late night and i got  an arabic test that i still didn't revise for !

 But i hope this story at least made up for those whom were waitng  a post !

Once again, i will say i am sorry and  have more updates