Thursday, 4 August 2011

OOOh pretty

Isn't this lovely - Saw  it when randomly browsing the net ! - I love anime but seeing an  anime style muslimahs - coooool !  : )   - Loving all  Muslim sisters for the sake of allah  !

 I will post something very soon but for now I will just be lazy and post this lovely picture LOOL !

Monday, 1 August 2011


 Hello Peeps !

I am really happy at the moment because ...... ITS RAMADAN OF COURSE !

I really love Ramadan - Its like getting that one great  present that you waited for  months for !

Its truly the best present one can ask for ! - the month of mercy.

For some reason even when  I was young and  didn't know much the of  Deen - I still loved the feeling of Ramadan !

I think now why , because of the atmosphere.

When Ramadan hits home - everything reminds of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah)

Everyone is more happier - calmer  but the main aspect of why I love Ramadan so much is the Community.

The Muslim Community grows stronger - No   segregation  coz of culture and etc. Everyone is connected even the youth.  It  really makes me swell with pride when I see the bus overflow with  brothers and sisters heading to the masjid.   It makes me sometimes so proud - when I see non  Muslims in awe when they see a  road full of Muslims heading  to the masjid !    Nothing move my heart so much !

Then when I praying in the masjid side by side with the old, young  and disabled  from all cultures - crying  during the salah ;in regards that Allah is judging our souls - asking for mercy and blessing - What a beautiful scene ! - Greeting sisters with smiles and leaving the  mosque - Loving the growing Ummah !

Oh Ramadan  I love you so much - I wish  it every day ! Allahumduilah ! - Ya rabb ! Allahumduilah !

Its makes me sleep with no regrets but anticipation for the next day !

What about you? what excites you about Ramadan ?