Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blossom !

Helloooooo people of the earth ! - well  I firstly  will apologies to those whom was anticipating  a post since my last one !  I am just not been  doing much - so i didn't have much to talk about ! - LOL yes   I  am that dull !    Anyways I was recently doing a spring clean  to my room  - I happened to be all sentimental and look at  all my old belongings  - and remembering loool !   Then    within all that dust- I come across  My good old diary -  the diary that kept all the account  of my teenage years from the beginning to the end.

Well , the first  few years of my teenage years didn't sound great but that  is pretty much like most teenagers in this day and age.  The issue with not accepting  yourself and having to go through the harsh and awkward transition of growing up ! - Not  a nice experience !   Very much  sounded like an angry and confused child  if i was to sum it up .   Booy  once i am reading each  account - I was thinking what stop me from subsiding to destruction . Then I remembered that during these period of times- i was learning to properly practice my deen!

Each day become better and I knew that despite all those problems that I had - Allah was always there for me !  ^_^ !

As the years gone bye - I realised that  some problems are just too petty to worry about ! - with  that sense of mind - I guess I blossom to what I am today- An Happy, independent and Grateful person !


  1. Lovely post sister!
    Haha! you're not the only one who find old diaries and belongings under the bed and in the back of the closet during cleaning time, and reminsces! I'm the exact same. It's good that your faith in Allah (swt) is so strong! :) x

  2. jazakallah khair :) - Its always interesting to see how we were like in the younger days ! lool - My imaan is not perfect - Just realising I am very blessed to have such religion ! ^_^

    Saw your blog - very lovely and so thought provoking ! :D