Monday, 2 August 2010

You what ?!!

There are times where I  experience a situation and  then  think " did that  just happen to me ?!" .   I really  question people's mentality sometimes - i mean   even innocently walking  in the street -  you would be surprised at what people are like !
 So  This was like an ordinary summer day   but  its seems  like  half of the London citizens have been replaced with tourists .  I am heading towards tottenham court road to go  PC world  for an Norton virus CD  and hopped on the bus but was enjoying the comfortable seat to notice that i missed my stop like 30 mins ago - so  i got off and headed to  cross the street and read the info  on  another random  bus stop  so i could get back . I noticed when i was  walking towards  the bus stop    that  a big bunch of  European  family was   at the  stop too. I didn't  take any notice - i figured just some tourists  lost or something .  Then one   member of the family - i  assume its the  father  approaches me ands says .

Man:   " excuse me.  Can you take  picture "?  - in  a strong accent
 Me : " Yes okay "

Okay listen - when this dude gave me this request - i assume something like holding  their camera  But...

 Suddenly the dude stands next to me and  puts his arms round me - in my mind  i am thinking  " what the heck "  and then i start babbling  ....

Me: excuse me ...what are you doing .?!?  I can't have any contact   with men . i am  Muslim... I  am confused .. what are you  doing ? Take your hands off my shoulder..... why are you  taking a picture  of me ?"

 I swear the dude  and the wife holding the camera was ignoring me whilst i was ranting  and took the picture of us anyways .  After the snap shot ..  I go

Me : What are you  doing   and  why ? ..

Wife and Man:  ...............

Me: Have you never seen  someone like me ?

My mind: I  mean seeing a Somali hijabi is not the most unusual thing to see in London - actually the opposite.

 Me: " Where are you from ?" 

Man and wife:  Romania   

My mind : " no wonder .. but still "

Me: ...  

For like a minute i was contemplating what  happened to me   and  watching their blank faces - (they r confused to why i questioned it LOL ) when the bus came - i thought  i ani't got time and  hopped on. 

Then as i was in the bus  - i was reflecting at the situation  and what the  aftermaths  would be -  then i remembered the picture  of me that they showed me - I laughed - It was me- screwing my face  like in disgust and looking at  the mans hands on my shoulder . LOL XD i am really wondering what in the world  are they going to do with that picture . Dunno probably going in the Romania 's funny moments  competition - or i probably  got loads of fans in Romania  and  i am the next voted president LOL - the lists are endless .

The story don't stop there - As i was walking towards PC world  on an empty pavement - I didn't notice  that a chav passing me - shouted racist slurs at me - actually it wasn't even  shouted  it was more like a whisper  coz i only manage to catch a word from his  dumb grunts . I literally laffed it off and told him to get lost - what a coward that  he didn't turn back  to approach me .

 So  when i came home - I told my sisters about the picture incident and  they cracked up . But i was still thinking -  should i have been defensive and  assumed they were taking the mick or  was this people really ignorant of other people  that don't  share the same looks and religion  as them ?! - Oh well too late for that - but i really was shown  that  there   are people whom are maybe intrigued  by your difference and those whom hate it !

But   Life  goes on and  I will still remain  TripleA : the ordinary hijabi  trying to make her mark in this world ! (- might already done it in Romania  or not )  : )

a lil animated picture of  how i felt at the  pic moment !

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