Sunday, 1 August 2010

Where does time go ????? !

One of the biggest mysteries that  i encountered in my life and will be  questioned forever. I mean  i expected to  have a summer where  i could enjoy  fun and anything related to it but  reality  couldn't be different. So i step out of the cave called uni and  ran to my short lived freedom like 2 months ago - but the funny thing is when you got so much time in your hands - u just don't no wat to do.  Jobless and  bored - two  combo that can kill  your life !  So you might be wondering what i tried to do to ease my pain -Net!  - Looking at  all types of random rubbish and laffing my butt off !   There i came across  this Korean show  called Star King  - i dunno - i suppose it must be known  by some  but  it reminded me of  a Korean version of britain  got talent - except less humiliating!  I mean  u  can go there and not feel like a loony or an idiot   for  showcasing that  so called talent of  your !

  LOL XD this is  apparently an  talent from one dude   but i know  if this  is taken in- then  we all got a chance to  win the prize money ! 

Aside  from that -  Ramadan  is coming soon YAY ! allahumduilah but  if i really want to make use of my time - i should really start to get ready  for that !  

I need to get ready for  alot  of things not just Ramadan - coz even watching these sort people - i can tell that they put  effort and work in getting into a show like this( even though they have weird talents) ! - where time
was essential for them !

So  its time to get ready for my checklist - coz  now i can make most of time and not waste it inshallah !

  Well this shows you that anything can  give inspiration : ) !

LOL - just  notice i overused the  word " time " - sounds like i am trying to make  really bad puns !

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